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Marketing Malpractice: 3 Mistakes Marketers Make That Copywriters Hate (All Of Us)

There are an unlimited number of ways to create ineffective marketing. This articles shows three common mistakes that amount to marketing malpractice and make working with a copywriter really difficult.

Perfect Persuasion

There’s a part of the brain few people know about that the top copywriters appeal to. This special area can be turn on to persuade or put to sleep to persuade using a variety of hidden methods. It’s all here in this article.

Top Tips For Writing Better Web Copy

A website is a shop window. People browse the web in exactly the same way as they would go window shopping. If what they see in the window looks good, well priced and fits their needs, it will lead to them walking in and buying the goods.

5 Top Tips to Sharpen Your Web Content

Poorly written copy can be one of the biggest detractors to your online presence and page rank. Not only does it appear unprofessional and amateur: search engines punish it in their organic results. You will benefit more by aiming to please both visitors and search engines, rather than thinking solely of one or the other.

Building a Better Landing Page

The landing page is not the Home Page of a website, yet it is extremely important in the success of your business. Whether you use SEO or PPC or banner advertisement to promote your products or services, you will need a landing page. The purpose of the landing page is to bring your visitors to take action.

Tips For Writing Content Outlines

If you have tons of scattered information and want to organize it to improve your productivity, then you should consider creating a content outline, which is an extremely useful way of categorizing data. No matter what you plan to use outlines for, they can help you keep track of large amounts of data that eventually becomes a part of an actual piece of writing.

Writing A Great Content Writing Resume

Becoming a web content writer is not as hard as some of you may think. In addition to being your own boss, you can make a decent amount of money from your home workstation. Content writers find it very hard to break into this extremely competitive field. Without having a well organized resume, it is almost impossible to impress the potential employer. Inexperienced content writers, in particular, have nothing to talk about on their web content writing resume.

Top Tips For Writing a Great Press Release

Press releases are often wildly misunderstood and frequently crafted in a style that will instantly be rejected by the receiving journalist. A release is not a long winded document, giving every possible detail about your product, service or launch. Nor is it an opportunity to show off, say how wonderful you are or point to your website for more.

Advertising Assets

Have you ever thought of an advert as an asset? Or a sales letter as a profit centre?

Indirect Response Copywriting

I know you’re used to seeing the words direct response copywriting, but what I’m about to show you is far more persuasive to people who don’t yet know you. And that is the ability to write indirectly to your prospects. Why?

Is There Such A Thing As A Copywriters IQ?

Is copywriting a unique, special skill or can anyone learn to write persuasively? The idea the accelerated or speed learning copywriting is still new. Here’s what I mean.