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The Real Power of Freelance SEO Copy Writers

Copy writers are responsible for millions of dollars being spent every second of the day. Every business uses copy writer to attract more business and awareness to their companies. This is why copy writer are so important. They have the ability to make money at will.

Copywriting Catastrophe: 3 Warning Signs Nobody Is Reading Your Copy (Do You Hear the Crickets?)

There is no worse feeling than sales letters emails websites and ads that you have poured your blood sweat and tears that doesn’t yield a response. This article shows you 3 warning signs it might be time to do something different in your copy.

Copywriting Cannon: Applying the 80-20 Principle To A Sales Letter (80-20 in Action)

Vilfredo Perato once noticed that 80% of his peas came from 20% of the pea pods in his garden. He then more broadly expanded the idea that a disproportionate amount of the results came from a small amount of effort. This article shows you how apply the same principle to boost response to your sales letters and other copywriting projects.

How to Write a Case Study For Your Business (In Under 3 Minutes)

Learning how to write a case study for your business will only take you two minutes and fifty-four seconds-maybe a little longer depending on how fast you can read this short article. Simply put, other than writing high-quality articles for your company’s blog, case studies are the most effective way to demonstrate your industry expertise and build trust with prospects.

Tips for Christmas Copywriting

Christmas copywriting is a different animal altogether when compared to ‘normal’ copywriting. Why and how is this so? This article explains why and offers some of our tips for Christmas copywriting.

Why Clever Copywriting Never Works

Copywriting is about the reader, not the writer or the company it’s been written for. The biggest mistake most writers make is that they try to be clever. This article explains why clever copywriting never works.

Copywriting Catastrophe: 3 Roadblocks To Believable Copy (The Most Expensive Mistake You Can Make!)

if your prospect doesn’t believe what you’ve claimed in your copy you can never close the sale. This article shows 3 common roadblocks to creating believable copy that converts.

Copywriting Catastrophe: 3 Body Copy Mistakes That Sabotage Sales (And More)!

While not getting the praise and attention of its more glamorous copywriting counterparts, the headline and the lead, your body copy are still vital to the success of your promotion. This article shows you three all too common copywriting mistakes the cost you sales that are rightfully yours.

Use a Fictional Story to Sell Products or Services

When writing a self-help book or a new product article, telling a story is a powerful way to get your message across. Here are the key elements to telling a fictionalized story.

Copywriting Cannon: 3 Barriers To A ‘Mafia Offer’ (One That Is Too Good to Refuse)

It’s a cardinal sin not to be making an offer. ‘There will be offer(s)’ is a direct marketing commandment. However most offers under deliver relative to their potential. This article shows you three common barriers to creating a great offer.

Tried and True Tips for Writing Outside Your Genre

How hard is it to write outside your genre? VERY. Is it possible to do it and come out sounding like an expert? OF COURSE. Here’s how you do it!