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Why Context Is Everything in Copywriting

Is your business copy failing to live up to your (or possibly your copywriter’s) lofty expectations? Chances are it has something — or, perhaps, everything — to do with context. Find out why, and more importantly, find out how to fix it.

Effective Copywriting Tips to Convert Web Visitors Into Buying Customers

For businesses operating online, achieving success is not a cakewalk. To sell your products or services to the online audience, you have to convince them that you can provide them with the best information, products or services and satisfactorily address all their needs. In the online world, there is certainly no any other way for communicating with the potential customers than simply putting together some engaging content in your website.

Secrets of Effective Website Content Writing

In contrast to what most people believe, website content writing includes more than just selling different services or products. It is actually about conveying a business message to the potential customers. Website content writing involves using appealing words for capturing attention of the readers and eventually persuading them to make a purchase or take an action. Writing appealing content is a not cinch if you know the right way to go about it.

Guidelines For Effective Copywriting

The World Wide Web is an extremely vibrant marketplace where the marketers and website owners showcase their services or products to sell online. You must have noticed how online marketers push their services and products through sales copies. It is the content which is essentially responsible for their success. Thus, it is important to craft effective content that can help the business owners achieve desired results. Content that is created without thorough research, planning or brainstorming would certainly fail to provide positive results. Outlined below are the basic guidelines for effective copywriting that can significantly help the content writers to write competently.

Content Writing – Tips on Creating Effective and Powerful Content

The content of a website has to be systematically planned in order to make sure it attracts the target audience in the minimum time span. In comparison to finding information in journals and books, the internet definitely is a much easier option. However, considering the level of competition prevailing in the online business world, getting your website noticed is certainly not a cakewalk.

How Cyber Monday Can Increase Your Sales, Guaranteed

It’s here, the biggest online shopping day of the year and every business should be ready to get their fair share of the cyber sales. When you write great copy, it’s easy to capture your target audience, appeal to their needs and drive traffic to your website that will boost sales and profit.

Fay Weldon: Fife’s Best Copywriter?

Scotland can lay claim to a few great copywriters and ad people over the years. Now it seems like one of the all-time greats had strong connections with Fife.

Do You Know the Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter for Your Business?

No matter what field you’re in, the life of your small business depends on written content to maintain a strong online presence and build your brand. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Sure, you’d like to start a blog for your business, write an e-book, or maintain an active Facebook or Twitter feed, but you’re already wearing so many hats–now you have to be a writer, too?

Skills (Other Than Writing) That Benefit Writers

Being a great writer is not enough if you want to make a living from your craft. You could be the best writer in the world, but if you lack ideas, if you lack motivation, and if you lack basic business skills, then you aren’t going to be able to get your writing out there and start making money from it. Essentially then, if you want to be not just a good writer, but also a successful one, then there are many other skills that you need to spend some time developing.

8 Ways to Improve Press Releases Using Quotes

When it is time to write a press release, it is always a good idea to include a quote from a company spokesperson, an industry leader, a celebrity or a customer. Before you submit that PR, here are some ways to spruce up your content with the words of people in the know.

How to Write About Us Website Copy That Sells

About Us is one of the most important pages on your website. This page should contain your most compelling website copy. For most small business owners, the About Us page serves as the heart of the website and helps to establish credibility.