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ALWAYS Get Paid!

How can you stop people from not paying you? Is there even a way to stop people from screwing you over? Find out here.

Tips and Tricks on Business Writing

Regardless of the type of writer that you are, whether you are a freelance content writer or a professional business writer, few can argue that there is not room for improvement when it comes to developing a good writing style. There are many writers out there who do not realize how their style of writing could easily be improved over the course of time if only they were willing to take part in some specialized writing courses designed to help them achieve this end. If you are an aspiring writer yourself and you really want to get better at what…

The Godfather Of Copywriting and Advertising: Claude Hopkins (And What You Can Learn From Him Now!)

Claude Hopkins is the father of modern advertising. He laid down the rules of direct response marketing and direct response copywriting in 1923. Incidentally, these also apply very well to the internet and internet marketing. This article explains the most important of ‘Claude’s Laws.’

Master Copywriting Lessons: What Gene Schwartz Tought Me About Copywriting (And You Too!)

If you could write a book on copywriting, advertising and marketing that sells for $900 used when it is out of print, then you could perhaps lay claim to being one of the best copywriters around. This article explores some of the most important lessons Gene Schwartz imparted with “Breakthrough Advertising.”

How To Spot Opportunities For Content Creation

Does your business or that of your clients’ have an online presence, of any sort? As you are reading this on Facebook, I’ll assume that the answer is ‘yes’. If I’m wrong, then I invite you to join the 21st Century way of doing business, albeit a little late.

Why Are Professional Content Writers Always Worth It?

With the internet opening up a lot of easy options for freelancing, the amount of options you have for getting content written are immense. Now, you must be careful, as not all of these “writers” are worth it.

How To Make Your Content Relevant?

In today’s world where information is easily available at the click of a button and everywhere you look there is a bombardment of information, how do you provide information that will be read by people? The only way to ensure that your content is seen is that it has to be relevant.

Writing Content – Do You Have It In You?

Everyone, at one time or another, in their lives has written something, whether it has been writing articles in school or letters and applications at one’s work place. It is seen that everyone has basic writing capabilities, but what does it take to be a successful content writer? Does it only require a good grasp of the language or does it require much more?

The Best Way To Write Interesting Content

Content writing is very important for website designers. Designing a wonderful website will not be very useful, if there is no traffic to that site. To attract the appropriate traffic, the content on the website is very important. The content on such pages should be relevant to the target audience, related to current happenings and interesting. This is because such content will be able to hold the attention of the audience and they will be attracted towards the site.

How Can You Become a Content Writer?

You may have decided to become a content writer and may be also having the required skills, such as patience, passion and a desire to provide good content. Even though you may have the desire to become a content writer, you may not know how to achieve this goal.

Tips to Write Good SEO Articles

The aim of writing SEO articles is to attract traffic towards websites. Therefore, there is a great need for writers who can write compelling material which will help in pulling a lot of traffic towards any site.