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Why Is Advertising in Russia So Uncreative?

Russia is a huge developing market and it’s experiencing a consumer boom. Nearly all international brands have already jumped in. Visit Moscow – and you will easily feel this rush, this flow of free money everywhere. Advertising budgets are enormous; salaries in the industry may exceed those in UK. One would expect to see some decent advertising. But the fact is it can hardly be found anywhere in today’s Russia.

Being a Travel Writer: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

The short answer? No, it’s not. But it sounds great, doesn’t it? You’d have to travel to be a travel writer, and for a lot of young writers, nothing sounds finer. Writers are natural wanderers, desiring to gain as much life experience as possible in order to create the most convincing and gorgeous pieces. And when you write for travel publications, you get paid to travel to the most beautiful places on earth. Your entire life would be a vacation.

A Copywriter’s Rant: When Stupidity Is Punished By Death (You Can Stop Marketing Stupidity Now!)

Clients make mistakes, copywriters make mistakes but these mistakes are punished by the market with non-response and lost money. This article talks about how to boost response in light of these stupid mistakes.

Copywriting Book Review: Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance (It Could Have Been Copywriting)

Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance is the best foundational guide for learning how to write copy. I didn’t realise it, I was years from knowing what a copywriter was. This article contains some of the key lessons.

Second Glance: Taking Another Look at Your Corporate Communications and Business Messaging

We take a look at the shifts and changes in our business objectives over time, and how our introductory corporate communications can grow stale and ineffective through the years. By not maintaining a current profile of our business identity, we invite stagnation which may ultimately affect our business growth and development, causing us to experience lost opportunity. We explore, in an overview sense, the importance of a targeted corporate message, reflecting a positive image and directly connecting the consumer with products and services offered. It is imperative that we periodically revisit our corporate literature and message to refresh our image, and make certain it is consistent and current with our contemporary corporate strategy.

Not The Normal Tips For Being A Freelance Copywriter

While being a successful freelancer isn’t something you can learn completely from a €5 ebook, there’s plenty of advice out there giving key directions and concepts that are important. Here we give some less common tips for being a freelance copywriter you probably won’t read in those places. And unless you understand and try to stick to them as much as possible, the odds of you making any money as a successful freelancer are probably pretty slim.

Copywriting Tip: Create a Swipe File

What is a swipe file and why should you start creating one? This article explains why swipe files are an important tool for copywriters.

How To Set Freelance Rates

Have you ever seen the rates on bidding websites and thought to yourself, “Is this all I can make as a freelance writer?” The answer is no. Here I share my thoughts on setting appropriate rates and valuing yourself as the professional that you are. You don’t have to work for next to nothing.

Copywriting Tips – Power Phrases

What are power phrases used in copywriting and how do the work? This article provides several examples.

Copywriting Advice: 12 Practical Headline Writing Tips

Having trouble with your headlines? Here are 12 simple yet effective tips for improving your headlines.

Proof Reading Tips – How to Reduce That Dreaded Thing Called Human Error

Proof reading isn’t the most glamorous of tasks; however it is the most critical step in copywriting. The sheer pressure of getting it right just before a marketing communications piece gets published can be daunting. So here are my proof reading tips to help you produce more accurate copy.