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How Best You Can Document Your Product Or Services To The World?

Are you able to consistently create super effective, authentic, and error-free documents for your product or services each and every time you need it? Didn’t you feel the lack of good documentation many times for your product or Services to reach out to the world?

The Hard Truth About Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is not ALL about the copy itself. Without certain other factors in place, you’re going to have a rough road–even with top-of-the-line copy.

Direct Response Copywriter Tricks of the Trade

Direct response copywriters use special tactics to compel audiences to read… to keep reading… and to buy. Here are some of these direct response copywriting “tricks of the trade.”

The Eight (8) Ingredients of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is the art of creating copy that induces readers to take a particular course of action… such as buying a product or service, signing up for a newsletter, altering their behaviour, changing their opinion, voting, and so on. But how do you write persuasively?

When to Emphasise Features Rather Than Benefits

While it is true that “stress benefits rather than features” is one of the oldest (and most sacrosanct) rules for writing persuasive copy that sells product and services, there are several circumstances in which emphasising features may often work best. What are they and how do you treat them?

How to Write Benefits-Oriented Copy

“Stress benefits rather than features” is one of the oldest rules for writing persuasive copy that sells products and services. But doing so is sometimes easier said than done. Here is a simple method … the “so-that” trick … you can use to take your audience from features to benefits.

The Almost Foolproof Way to Write a Sales Letter

It’s easy to think that writing a sales letter is hard. How long should it be? What’s a good heading? What should I tell them? How do I make the sale? But in fact, writing a sales letter is easy if you know the five-step process of doing it. It only needs to contain five main elements and once you know what they are, it feels like the sales letter writes itself and makes it so compelling that your readers can’t stop reading right down to the “buy now” button.

How to Get the Reader on Your Side

Getting the reader on your side is vital if your writing is going to have an impact and be persuasive. Here are a few things you can do to get the reader believing in you.

How to Write With Clarity and Impact

If you cannot write clearly and in an easy to understand style, your writing will have little impact on your readers. Here are a few tips to improve the clarity of your writing.

Give Your Internal Communications A Boost

Your internal communications are essential for the smooth running of your business. In other words, they are just as important as your external marketing. This article looks at what you need to do to get your message across clearly.

At What Point Should You Start Selling To Your Customers?

The processing of selling starts a lot earlier than you think. This article looks at how you should begin and why first impressions are so important.