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Should Freelancers Write Samples for Free?

If you got a request from a prospect to write a sample piece that would prove your abilities, how would you respond? Would you write for free? Do most freelancers provide free samples? This article discusses this common dilemma and the most appropriate response.

Copywriting and Direct Response Masterclass: Born To Write Copy?

Are great copywriters Made Or Born? In this article I’ll show you how we were all born to write copy and what we need to do in order to unleash our latent talents.

Copywriting Commandments: 3 Barriers To Readership And A Cult Like Following (And Easy Sales)

If nobody reads/watches/listens to your marketing, then I can guarantee that you won’t sell anything. This article shows you three barriers to gaining an audience and how to get around them.

7 Simple Tips for Effective Copywriting

Simple tips for creating effective copy. The headline, problem, benefits, credibility, offer and more are discussed.

A Simple Way To Sell Without Meeting Resistance

How not to turn buyers off. This easy method of persuasion will get your more sales fast whether it’s in person or in writing.

Suppose the English Language Died

Suppose the English language died. Who would be left to save it? It’s not so crazy a concept. We’ve already set ourselves on that bumpy road spiraling downward into a grand canyon of sentence hackers, modifier kidnappers, and members of the anti-spellcheck alliance. Does anyone care about comma placement anymore? Have we completely abandoned correct spelling and word usage?

Copywriting Checklist: Top 7 Signs That Your Copywriting Stinks

How do you know if your copywriting is good or bad? This list of seven points offers help in determining whether or not your writing needs work.

Copywriting Tips – What Does Your Writing Say About You?

How effective is your writing? How does what you write communicate to your readers who you are, what you stand for and ultimately how does it share your story? Here are some tips for connecting to your audience and building trust.

Tips For Effective Writing – Your Written Content Makes The Strongest Impression

The content you create, especially written content is one of the most powerful and effective ways a business has to communicate with its customers, employees and partners. In this article, we’ll focus on how writing resides at the top of the list of ways that a business can effectively “talk” to those that h matter most.

Copywriting Common Mistakes

What are some of the common mistakes made by copywriters? How can you avoid these mistakes when creating your material? These questions and more are discussed in the following article.

Copywriting Tip – The Importance of Research

If you are underestimating the importance of research when copywriting you may be diminishing the power of your communications.This article explains why research is critical to your copywriting success.