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Running a Successful Freelance Writing Business

Good writing is only part of the formula for a successful freelance business. You need to be successful as a business owner too, which will equal steady work, happy clients, and a comfortable income.

Copywriting Cannon: 3 Ways To Eliminate Sales Resistance In Your Copy (Yes Yours!)

Sales resistance is a hideous beast. It shows up in the most unexpected places and sabotages your conversion rates. This article gives you three ways to reduce sales resistance in your copy.

Copywriting Cannon: Boost Response Rates Quickly and Easily With Simple Segmentation (Fast Too!)

All of us want better response rates to our marketing. This article shows you how you can segment lists to boost response rate rather than using a very lazy one size fits all approach.

Memoir Ghostwriter

Considering hiring a memoir ghostwriter? Hiring a memoir ghostwriter is popular these days. Nobody knows your life stories as well as you do, so you may be wondering why you would ever hire someone like a memoir ghostwriter to help you write your memoir.

Copywriting Cannon: Crafting Stories To Sell More With Less Resistance (Than You Thought Possible)

One of the most overlooked tactics in copywriting is setting your sales message to stories. This article shows you how to use stories to make your sales message more compelling.

Copywriting Catastrophe: Be Careful With ‘One Step Selling’ (A Missed Opportunity)

Many business engage in one step selling in a lazy, hap-hazard way. Then they are disappointed with the results. This article shows you how to deal with the disappointment and what to do instead.

Content Marketing and Creation – Creating Your Own Profitable Content Is Easy (As 1 – 2 – 3)

Do you know how easy it can be to create your own content? You’ll find 3 simple and powerful suggestions inside this article.

Book Ghostwriter

A book ghostwriter writes books for someone else who takes the credit for the work. This is a paid agreement, usually involving a sum of money for the material, and copyright is transferred from the book ghostwriter to the payee upon completion. The person paying for the work can assign their name to the material and then publish it.

eBook Ghostwriters

What do Ghostwriter Do, and Who are They? eBook ghostwriters are people who write content for other individuals. Depending on the client, copyright is generally not shared with eBook ghostwriters.

eBook Ghostwriter

An eBook ghostwriter is a person who freelances and writes eBooks for his or her clients. The eBook ghostwriter is an uncredited writer, which means the client can put his or her name on the eBook. Using eBooks is an effective method for building interest and reputability in a business; it essentially serves as a business card.

eBook Writing Services

eBook writing services are helpful for those who want to promote a brand or educate their readers by teaching a specific topic. eBook writing services help bring credibility and professionalism to their clients. There are skilled and professional people who work through these eBook writing services.