Scaling Up Your Content With AI – Lesson 2: How We Do Our Keyword Research

How to Communicate Effectively With Corporate Clients

The language you use on your website will say a lot about your company. This article looks at why you should use simple language even if your client base is mainly large corporates.

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Copywriter for Your Business

The content on your website is easily the most important thing on it. Engaging, informative and persuasive content is crucial in converting visitors into customers. And if it misses the mark, your business will suffer.

Print Is Not Dead – LONG LIVE PRINT

With online resources as close as your keyboard or smart phone, has the need for printed catalogs and flyers died? Read on to see why this author believes that print is far from dead.

How to Create Your Own Tone of Voice Guide

Developing the right tone of voice for your company is a critical part of your marketing strategy. This article looks at the steps you should take to create one for your business.

Sales And Copywriting Tip: Off With His Head… Line

Back in the day, criminals were beheaded. Luckily times have changed. Instead, the only people performing executions now are business owners, marketers and copywriters. The bad “noose” for them? The only people they’re executing… are themselves.

Copywriting Made Easy

Uncover the secret to successful copywriting. It’s really as simple as telling a story.

3 Great Advantages You Get By Working Long-Term With a Copywriter

Finding a great copywriter takes a little work, but is worth it. When you develop a relationship with your copywriter, she gets to know your business and customers on a deeper level, which allows her to write sales copy that will drive sales. You also can focus on other parts of your business when your copywriter knows the ropes. It’s an investment that will pay off in BIG dividends for you. All you need to do is take the time to find the right copywriter. You’ll be glad you did!

Drug Dealers Can Help Your Writing Skills

Is Marijuana still labeled the “gateway” drug? If you were an adolescent during the 80’s or 90’s Marijuana was described as the gateway to more dubious and destructive drugs. I guess what they meant was, if you try Marijuana, you may gain an appetite for heroin and cocaine.

Know the Role of Copywriting in Website Marketing

The importance of good copywriting is increasing in the recent years. A website requires good content with no grammatical errors and good use of sentences. Copywriter having many years of experience and knowledge can help in this process.

Copywriting – Content Writing Services As An Online Marketing Strategy For Website Traffic

Copywriting has been a great in demand service for a long time now and if you have ever wondered why this is so, the reason is not far-fetched. Great content is what drives internet marketing and whether you have blogs of your own where you are offering products or services, you need good content for your target audience. There are people who surf the internet for various reasons, majorly for information. All things being equal, any website that offers the best content for people as regards the information they seek will enjoy the highest patronage of web visitors and which in turn could lead to more sales, opt-ins or any desired action the owner of the website wants visitors to take. Website traffic generation is therefore the only reason why internet marketers create good content. If you have been in the online marketing space for any length of time, you will know that just sticking up any content flat out fails. You will need to have a good understanding of what works with copywriting and how to do it yourself or what to expect from content writing services should you be looking to hire people to deliver quality content.

Important Considerations When Finding The Best Copywriters

The results can be measurable if you make use of professional copywriting in your marketing campaigns. So work with the best copywriters now.