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How Long Is Long Enough?

Goldilocks could describe the perfect copy length. It’s not too long. It’s not too short. It’s just right. This article explains why.

The Top Copywriting Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing Today

If you’re new to copywriting or confused about why your content seems to be driving visitors away, you may be committing some grave mistakes that are hurting your web or blog site. Below are the top copywriting mistakes you should avoid doing, beginning today.

Powerful Copywriting With Purposeful Storytelling + Responsible Vulnerability

Your content (be it video, audio, blog post, sales page or the next new thing) is the key to building an equity of trust and relationship with your community of clients and customers that will lead to conversion and loyalty. You’ve probably heard a whole lot about “storytelling” and “vulnerability” these days. Yep, these are great ways to build trust and relationship with your audience.

How To Become A Master Copywriter

Does the thought of copywriting make you groan? For most people it takes a long time to master, but even becoming a decent copywriter will make a huge difference in sales, leads and how quickly you build your business. Going from nothing to decent is not as hard as you might think.

Different Tasks Of A Copywriter

Plenty of information can already be found online. This was made possible by the efforts of many copywriters around the world. After all, these professionals can do more than just writing.

6 Questions For Writing Website Copy That Connects, Resonates & Converts

You’ve got the templates, checklists and plug-ins, yet your website is still not working “as advertised”… 6 questions reveal what you’ve overlooked: Your website can be the most comprehensive “inventory” of what your business is about. It can be catalyst to crafting how you present your vision, values, convictions and superpowers to the world.

4 Perfect Steps For Building Relationships Through Sales Copy

Sales copy is typically the most frustrating part of running an online business. How do you get people to trust you enough to buy from you? It can be virtually impossible, unless you know these four shortcuts.

Create a Winning About Us Page

Your About Us page isn’t just an opportunity to tell the world how great you are, it’s another platform from which to sell the benefits of your product or service. This article gives 5 tips on how to create the perfect About Us page.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Website Copywriting Company

In today’s tough competitive online business world, visibility is the key to success. If your target audience doesn’t know that you exist somewhere in the big online business world, they won’t be able to discover your website, buy your products or use your offered services. Unfortunately, getting observed on the web is not a simple task.

The Ultimate Guide to Working With a Copywriter

If you want to get the best from your copywriter it’s essential you understand the best way of working with them. This article shows you how the process works, from start to finish, to help you get the most from your relationship.

Show Your Blog Audience Some Love

Blogs are meant to be read, but you’ll only get people to read if your content is engaging. This article looks at how you can spread the love through your blog and encourage readers.