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Writing Headlines That Get Massive Attention and Convert Browsers Into Buyers

How important is a headline? Very important as without a winning one, no one will read your content. Here are a few considerations when putting together a headline.

5 Things a Good Copywriter Can Do For Your Small Business

In this age of digital marketing there’s an added emphasis on more content, so it seems that some companies, big ones included, are making an attempt at writing their own copy and not getting any outside help. Apparently, some folks are thinking that it can’t be that hard. Why can’t we just do it ourselves? Interestingly, while some people are viewing themselves as copywriters, fewer see themselves as designers. Hmmmm! Unfortunately, the results we’re seeing aren’t justifying this new view. We all need to write and today’s needs are even greater than ever before. But, regardless of how good you are at something, nothing beats doing it for a living. One of the biggest reasons to hire a copywriter is because they do it every day. But, just exactly what do you think a professional writer adds to your advertising and content, in addition to the fact that they know how to write? For starters, here are 5 things that a good copywriter can bring to the table:

How to Make $1,000 Per Month As a Freelance Writer

Learning how to make $1,000 per month writing blog posts and articles is very easy. If you are looking for extra income as a freelance writer I will walk you through the steps.

Writing Online Articles and Blog Posts for Supplemental Income

Millions of people are turning to the internet to make extra money by writing articles and blog posts online. The process is easy and you can get paid that same day.

Is *This* Why Your Copy Lacks Persuasive Power?

A few days after we moved across the state, when the chores that kept us on our toes eased up, I had a moment to freak out. I didn’t know what to do with myself in this new place..

Sneaky Trojan Horses That Will Destroy Your Copywriting

We are about to save you a ton of time and make you a bunch of money. But first… Remember ole Helen of Troy? That lady got a bunch of people killed. Prettiest lady in the world, or so they said. And Troy took her. Now, Troy had this delusion that its walls could not fall. Invincible. So the Greek King in hot pursuit of Helen just decided to send a giant sized rocking horse as a “gift” for a so-called truce.

11 Tips For Creating Ads That Get Results

I’ve been in the advertising business for over 40 years and I’ve seen some pretty successful ads over the years. But I’ve also seen millions of dollars thrown away on poor, ineffective and outright lousy ads. All of that pain could have been avoided by simply following some basic principals when preparing advertising. If you do that, sales will improve, your business will expand and everyone will be happy. Ignore the basics, and, well, you may not be in business long enough to get another chance. The good news is that these basic principles of how to produce good ads apply to many other promotional tools you may want to use, as well.

Writing Sales Copy For Profit

If you tell a good story you give your potential buyer a good reason to keep reading. When you tell a story that compels the reader to be drawn to the value of your product, you automatically give them an imaginary channel where they can view their own future and the benefits that accrue to them as they envision the use of your product.

How to Write Successful Content That Doesn’t Sell

Content that doesn’t sell? What’s the point in that? You’ll be surprised to learn that this type of content is exactly what you need if your online marketing strategy is to be success. This article looks at the top 5 types of content you should be producing.

Common Menu Typos Are Making Your Restaurant Look Bad

If your food, service and location are exceptional, your poorly written menu might be excused. But, then again, if your restaurant is exceptional in every regard, why isn’t your menu exceptional too? Sloppy is as sloppy does. A restaurant that doesn’t bother to check the correct spelling of “dessert” or “caramelized” comes across as negligent and haphazard. Even if your food is delicious, the errors on your menu will leave diners with a bad taste in their mouth.

Why Copywriting and Design Go Hand in Hand

What’s most important – design or content? The answer is they are both equally as important. This article explores why you should concentrate on them both in equal amounts.