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A Copywriter’s Rant – Marketing, Sophistication and Complexity – (Money Making Tips A-Plenty)

Most marketers and clients want things to be simple. However, in marketing ‘simple’ is not all that it is cracked up to be. This article talks about getting an advantage through sophistication and complexity.

The Secret to Writing Great Copy

What’s the #1 secret to writing award-winning copy? Learn from one of Honda Civic’s “Start Something Special” commercials.

Professional Content

There is a marked difference between a content writer who understands SEO and one who doesn’t. Experienced content writers know a lot more about content that performs than freshers.

Copywriting Masterclass: Turn a Good Sales Letter Into a Video Script in 3 Steps (It’s That Easy!)

I’ve noticed there are lots of copywriters who specialise in media – they know how to write an email or a website or a print ad. This article reveals how to take a successful sales letter and turn it into an effective seminar presentation.

Getting the Best Content for Your Website

Getting the best content for your website depends heavily on the topic of the website you are creating and the type of content that you are looking for. Essentially, every content writer has his or her own individual style. Inevitably every article written by him or her will have some similarities; this style reflects the nature, likes and dislikes of the content of the writer.

Copywriting Catastrophe: 3 Red Flags Your Piece Will Fail (How Many Has Your Next Piece Put Up?)

It can be easy to predict if a given promotion has a reasonable chance of success. This article presents two obvious red flags that mean you should reconsider if your piece of copy is ready to go out the door.

The Three Questions of Copy

Anytime you write sales copy, it’s important that you answer three critical questions. If you fail to hit all three, your pitch is likely to fall flat.

How a Copywriter Can Help You Improve Your Online Presence

If you have a business and a website, it’s important to take full advantage of your presence online. Having a website allows customers to reach you and find information about your company online. And, in order to take full advantage of your site, you will need to have articles that not only promote your business, but make your company seem interesting. This is possible thanks to a copywriter. This professional is a freelance writer, who can produce articles quick for your company. There are many benefits that come with getting help from a copywriter.

Laughing All the Way to the Bank? Not Likely

Many businesses, especially small businesses, focus very heavily on having comedy in their ads. Because of the massive buzz generated by funny TV commercials, they think that a sense of humor sells. This usually ends up in ineffective sales pitches and costly months of trial and error.

Would Your Content Marketing Program Survive in the Shark Tank?

Would your company’s content marketing program get chewed up and spit out by the sharks on “Shark Tank”? Follow these tips to improve your articles.

Copy Writing Master Class: Creating Content Vs Creating Sales Copy

There are completely different criteria for creating sales copy and content. Both are absolutely essential for success in any business, but each needs to be used appropriately in order to maximize success.