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Busting Through Writer’s Block

Where to begin? What to do when the words won’t come and your computer screen remains annoyingly pristine? Follow these tips to break through writer’s block and unleash the power of the written word.

Content Marketing For The Web: Writing Contests For Affiliates

Want to spread the message of your online business, its products and services, around the globe like wildfire? Let the people already promoting your business have a shot at it: your affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a great way to sell far more products than you could all by yourself.

Writing For The Web: Personal Stories For An Emotional Touch

It’s can be very hard to connect with your website visitor if you don’t go for an emotional connection. Because of the very large number of websites that a typical web visitor is exposed to on a daily basis, it’s important that your message stands out from the rest.

Create Effective Web Page Content by Writing From the Benefits

Create effective web page content by focusing first on creating great marketing messages. Learning how to think from your customers’ perspective is the first step.

Write Great Copy – Building The Body Copy

Writing great copy is not difficult when you build it around your target audience. Choose words that describe your product’s features by focusing on your customer’s needs. Remember, as each sentence must build upon the previous one, each paragraph must do the same.

Write Great Copy – Climactic Closings That Deliver The Deal

Sometimes the closing paragraph can be the hardest one of all. Similar to saying good-bye at the end of a pleasant visit or phone call, it’s your last chance to leave a lasting memory in the mind of your reader. When you write great copy, it’s easy to make certain your message resonates with your target audience.

Best Copywriting Practices: Curiosity Building Tweets and Comments

There’s really only one reason we use Twitter and its tweets: to get someone to click on the link inside of the tweet. We may build a great network of followers and offer advice to help increase brand awareness.

Writing For Websites: Crafting the Perfect “About Me” Page

Did you know that the About Me page is often the next most visited page next to the Home page of your website? That’s because visitors want to know who they are dealing with before diving into the rest of the content. Many websites are full of copy that hypes the products and services of the business with fluffy sales pitches.

Write Great Copy – The Secrets Of A Winning Headline

Ever wonder how writers come up with these amazing headlines? In this series of Write Great Copy you can uncover the secret to crafting persuasive titles guaranteed to make your audience stop and take notice.

Write Great Copy – Sub-Headlines Made Simple

Sub-headlines and subheadings are a wonderful way to clarify your message and make your copy easier to read. Write Great Copy with these simple tips to build your copy from the beginning to the end, adding the bells and whistles that help your copy get noticed.

Write Great Copy – Optimizing The Opening Paragraph

Opening paragraphs should be like the foyer in a grand home. You get the feel of the house but the furniture isn’t all crammed at the front. The same format should apply to the first paragraph when you write great copy. A touch of elegance, a peek of what to expect, but if you want to get the complete tour, you’ll have to read on…