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Six Top Tips For The Freelance Copywriter

Like most things in life, working freelance has its exultant highs and its sapping lows. For every frantically busy period, balance will often be restored through the drawn out lull of what on good days we call ‘downtime’ and on bad days a ‘downturn’.

How To Land Freelance Writing Work On The Best Content Creation Freelance Sites

When it comes to the internet, and owning a business online, there is one thing that is evident, and that is the fact that content is king. As many people search for work from home opportunities, there is one opportunity that is often overlooked, and that is freelance writing.

Why Bother With Content Creation?

You must produce content! That’s what we’re all told these days, but why bother? This article looks at the reasoning behind content creation and why it’s so important for your business.

A Guide To A DIY Review Of Your Own Web Copy

Crafting content for a website is an ongoing process. Web writing needs to be reviewed, re-read, and rewritten, SEO needs to be updated, and a critical eye on spelling and punctuation is paramount. Experienced copywriters usually see a diverse spectrum of content quality, ranging from the very best to the somewhat questionable. The latter invariably contains the tell-tale signs of bad grammar, long-winded sentences, stuffed keywords, and rampant tautology.

The Invisible Ventriloquist

Can you use NLP in your copy? Some say it doesn’t work other swear by it. Here is the evidence you’ll need to make your own mind up…

The Power Of The Written Word and Content Writing

In today’s business world, communication is everything. Blogs, articles, magazines, advertisements, websites, social media, and search engines, are all essential parts of a modern marketing strategy. All of these mediums are designed to work in perfect unison with one another, a feat achieved primarily through the power of the written word.

Copywriting: 3 Tips to Better Copy

So you want to be a better online copywriter? You may think you are a great writer because you got good grades in school, but online copywriting is different sort of animal. When you write copy for the internet, you are basically doing two things.

Understanding Lead Generation Copy

Lead generation is an indispensable kind of copy written for businesses to be successful. This document may either introduce an information product or may sale a product or service. Whatever its intention, it has to draw the prospect into some form of action.

The Art of Copywriting

For a minute just picture the scene: you have just set up in business, your web designer has created a beautiful layout for your brand new website and your products and services are ready to be released to a waiting audience. So you sit down at the keyboard to write a few simple paragraphs to add to the site because it can’t be that difficult.

How to Overcome Objections Through Copywriting

No one likes being sold to, which is why it’s essential your copy can overcome any objection your reader may have. This article looks at the common objections and how they can be overcome.

3 Short Cuts To Better Post Card Mailings (More Results And Higher Profits For You)

Fractional Differences In Response Rates Can Make Or Break A Post Card Mailing. This article shows you three ways to skyrocket your response rates.