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How Open Is Your Prospect To Your Offer?

It’s so amazing to me that no one ever talks about their prospect’s readiness to accept.And how open they are to your sales message. Until now…

Tips for SEO Blog Writing for Business

Is blog or article writing going to make any significant difference to your business and do you need to incorporate SEO techniques? These are often the first questions that are asked when people want to begin writing blogs for their business. The second part of the question neatly answers the first: if you employ search engine optimisation techniques into your blog writing, then yes, you can significantly improve your position in the search engine rankings. This has to be done properly to have any effect and a slapdash approach will not work. You can of course still gain some new business without thinking about purposeful SEO.

How Emotion Influences Our Decisions

You’ve heard this one before: People buy with their hearts and justify with their heads. And my guess is that you don’t agree with it. That’s something that other people do. But, you’re a thinker. The stuff you buy is based on a logical choice. But, are you sure? Read this article to find out.

Why Its Recommended To Use Quotes And Phrases In Your Marketing Campaign

If you read a lot of articles online, then you will no doubt already know that there are a select few which really tend to make an impact, even though other articles might include similar information. Maybe, it is because the authors have taken advantage of phrases that grab attention.

Working As a Web Writer to Boost Your Online Business

Some of us have had great experiences in writing while others have had bad experiences. In the world of copywriting and content marketing, copy is king. We can develop the skill of writing which is available to everyone.

Copywriting and Direct Marketing Suicide: 3 All Too Common Closing Mistakes (Are You Making All 3?)

Not generating a response to your ad is financial and marketing suicide. Getting the close right is going to maximize the number of responses you get.

How to Get Started As a Copywriter (When You Have No Experience)

If you have a talent and desire to write, find out how to turn that passion into pounds. Find out what you need to know and do to set up as a freelance Copywriter when you have little or no experience.

Attention Grabbing Catch Phrases, And Why People Just Love Them

There are countless attention grabbing phrases out there, but have you ever noticed how some really have the ability to stop people dead in their tracks? Many have been passed on from one generation to the next, but quite often, a new one really hits the mark.

Copywriting Commandments: 3 Universal Laws to Write Copy By (What About Your Latest Piece?)

The best copywriters don’t use tricks and gimmicks – they work to a set of deeper laws – copywriting commandments. Knowing them helps your copy sell more. This article reveals 3 copywriting commandments.

The Copywriter’s Compendium: 5 Tips To Boosting Your Next Sales Letter’s Response! (Right Now!)

In selling, conversion rate is everything. A slight increase in conversions can mean a huge increase in profits. This article shows you 5 quick ideas that can be easily implemented to boost your sales letter’s response.

3-Step Tribe-Defining Template

You must define your tribe and know who you’re writing to before you actually write a single word of copy. If you’ve followed me before this process might be familiar to you. But remember, KNOWING and DOING are two different things. These 3 steps are also the steps to creating your TARKET! When you write your marketing copy and can imagine sitting in the same room with a real live human, your words will come to life.