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Ensuring Your Content Is Engaging, Relevant and Fresh

Are you, like most Marketing professionals, in amongst the storm of creating content to help promote your brand and organisation, yet struggling to keep your potential and loyal customers coming back for more? You’re not alone. After all, if people aren’t following your content and feeling enlightened by it, then it really is a waste of time. So here are some quick tips to keep you on track.

Taking A Break After Writing To Edit Your Work

Editing. It’s the essential step some writers hate, and therefore avoid like the plague, while others are addicted to, meaning that they can never get passed the first page. It’s a tough enough process as it is, but regardless of which side of the spectrum you lie on, there is one golden rule that always must be followed after completing a body of work, and that’s to give yourself some distance before revising your own creation.

Is Your Website Copy Turning Customers Away?

With over 1 billion websites on the internet, your copy is more important than ever. Your website is a big investment that should be converting browsers into buyers. If too many visitors are clicking away from your site, chances are your copy may be turning customers away.

How To Raise Prices Without Losing Customers – It’s All In The Presentation

A price increase can actually be a call to action. Learn how to present a price increase that entices customers rather than turning them away. It really is all about the way you present it to them.

The Use of Needs and Wants in Copywriting

This article is to help you distinguish between a want and a need. It will also give examples of how you can use them in copywriting. Useful information for beginners and experts alike!

Great Copywriting and Marketing Start With Empathy

Unlike what many of us are led to believe, intuitive empathic and highly sensitive folks are PERFECTLY gifted to rock some great marketing and copywriting. Here’s why: The best marketing speaks to not only the customer’s wants but also their deep emotional needs, beliefs and identity. The best copy relates to the readers and makes you their friend and advocate, not Joe Salesman trying to make a quick buck from them.

Spoken English Vs Written English: A Copywriter’s Guide

A short guide to the benefits of spoken English Vs. written English. Spoken English is more useful to a copywriter than Written English.

A Copywriting Process That May Change Your Life

Good copy is NOT about the templates, the words, the formula or even the psychology of persuasion. It starts with a deep understanding of YOU and what floats your boat. YOU are the most important component in your business.

Content Tips From An Expert Copywriter

One of the most powerful tools for building and growing your business today is through having a website. And in your website, you have to put great consideration on quality content. In high-stake regions, a good business content strategy isn’t just a nice-to-have feature anymore, but a must-have for any brand wanting to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive economy.

Benefits Versus Features – Formula For Success

Both benefits and features help to describe products, but which one is more useful when trying to sell products and services? Features act as the proof, while benefits tap into the pain points and help customers find the solution to their problems.

Is It Okay To Use ‘So’ To Start A Sentence? Officially No, Practically Speaking Yes

Indeed, you cannot turn on your TV Cable news without an interviewee using “So” when answering a question or starting a sentence. You cannot watch a University Lecture or watch an expert panel discussion without hearing this new style of speech. That doesn’t make it okay if you want to follow strict grammar rules, remember speech is different than writing, but we are seeing this in writing too, now what? Can we revert back to proper English and get people to stop using “so” to start a sentence?