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Copywriting Cannon: How to Create Space Ads That Sell (And Boost Your Response Rates)

Being able to get customers to take action from a 1 page ad or less is an very useful skill in marketing. It opens up entirely new audiences to you. Entire business have been built on the back of a single, long lasting space ad.

6 Tips for a Successful Blog: Blogging Your Way to Lead Generation

A blog connected to your company website can serve many useful purposes. It can generate goodwill and trust with you prospects and customers when the content is relevant, informative and engaging. A well-written blog can establish you as a thought leader in your industry. Readers visit your blog and return when they are interested in what you have to say, thus establishing an online connection. Offer readers the opportunity to subscribe to your RSS feed and incorporate buttons to “share” your blog on social media or email. Sharing on these platforms allows your blog message to extend beyond your website. Inviting comments makes a blog an interactive experience with you target audience and can generate leads. Finally, each blog post on your website becomes its own page and is visible to search engines; creating keyword-rich content can improve your ranking and allow prospects to find you more easily.

Five Quick Cures for Writer’s Block

It’s time to write a new blog post, content for your website, or copy for your latest ad, but instead of writing, you’re staring at your screen or notebook page with a blank mind and a clenched jaw. You’ve got nothing. Not a single word comes to mind except the thought that you really, really don’t want to be doing this. What to do? Take a deep breath and try one of the following tried and true cures for writer’s block.

Copywriting Masterclass: Copywriting and Running Go Hand in Hand. (Secrets to Higher Response Rates)

Beyond the obvious – the link between a healthy body and a healthy mind there is a more primal link between copywriting and running. This article shows you why runners already have key skills needed to be a good copywriter.

Editing: Keep Your Comments Professional

As an editor: keep your comments professional. It’s very important that if you are dedicated to your craft and are serious about repeat work, and wish to encourage positive word-of-mouth about your services, you ideally want the original author to continue to trust your opinion.

E-Newsletters Marketing – Ways to Increase Sales

E-Newsletter marketing is an effective strategy to generate leads and cultivate relationships. Studies have shown that sales can be increased as much as 20% by using E-Newsletters. Many people have them on their sites, but few use them productively.

Copywriting and Marketing Book Review: Is Freakonomics All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Freakonomics has been hailed as a masterpiece by many people. The question is what can it teach us as marketers? This article reveals the lessons from Freakonomics as they apply in the world of marketing.

Make Money Fast – The Art of Getting Freelance Writing Jobs

When it comes to making money as a copywriter, there has never been a better time. When combining the traditional methods of obtaining clients with the myriad of powerful freelance websites online, freelance copywriting has never been a more profitable profession. This article will discuss several tips on how to work the freelance resources to get more and better clients.

What Difference A Natural Health Copywriter Can Bring To Your Business?

Natural health supplement industry has become more competitive than ever. A skilled natural health copywriter can help you to promote your products on crowded marketplace without getting lost, and generate notable leads.

Take an Online Writing Course and Make Money Fast As a Freelance Writer

Most of us have some writing ability. What often separates the professionals from the novices is practice. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use your writing talents, no matter how limited, to create extra income online and to grow into a truly profitable and quality copywriter.

Copywriting Techniques All Writers Should Know

As you know, there are certain rules for good copywriting. And it is important for you to understand them.