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Evidence That Your Content Is Generating Money

In a professional context, even though you own your own business because you believe in what you are selling, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to get paid for what you sell as well. You deserve to be paid.

Writing That Sells: How To Write A Watertight Landing Page, Part 5 Of 10

Landing pages are one of the vital components of your online business success. Without them, your website is nothing more than a temporary location for a handful of Internet browsers. With these five tips you’ll learn how to create landing pages that consistently produce results.

Better Business Writing

The ability to write well is among the most valuable assets of the professional skill set; poor writing undermines the perception of one’s professional abilities. Skilled writing is in high demand in the business world, where content marketing and social media updates require Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs, small business owners and corporate marketing teams to author newsletters, blogs, scripts for videos, white papers, Facebook posts and press releases.

3 Reasons Email Marketing Still Matters To Freelance Writers

Gather up your lists of buying clients and put them in an email marketing list – auto responder – to keep those clients buying what you offer. You’ll want to keep the list handy and mail to them frequently, so they come back to your website to see what you offer. Don’t miss this opportunity to sell directly to your market over and over again!

Benefits Are Vital If Your Content Is to Work

The one thing your copywriting must feature is the benefits of your product or service. Without these your copy is meaningless. This article looks at this in more detail and shows you how to be like Apple – the master of benefits-focused writing.

Writing That Sells: 3 Crucial Steps To Master Headline Writing, Part 3 Of 10

Headlines are usually the toughest part about writing blog posts or informative articles. This article breaks down a simple, straightforward, three-step method for getting predictable results out of your headlines.

Writing That Sells: Should You Use Long Or Short Copy? Part 4 Of 10

One of the longest-running debates in the world of copywriting is whether short or long copy works better. This article examines what the truth is, and how to maximize your copy regardless of which verbal route you take.

Write to Reflect How People Buy

The best way to engage with people through your writing is to adopt a style that reflects the way they buy. This article looks at how you can achieve that to produce content that’s spot on every time.

What Does a Copywriter Actually Do?

Copywriting is frequently mistaken for Copyright, so what does a copywriter actually do? It’s a question I’m often asked so here’s my answer.

How to Quickly Achieve Great Business Writing

Your business needs a lot of content. But creating powerful, high-quality copy time after time is tough. This article shows you how you can quickly achieve consistently great business writing.

Why It’s Important to Have an Additional Private Freelance Copywriter for Your Web-Contents

In fact, your content needs should be part of your advertising strategies; if you are really determined to embrace true success in your online business. There is no way you can take chances by retaining only one copywriter.