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Profitable Content Marketing – 3 Income Sucking Mistakes to Get Rid of to Profit With Your Content

Do you know the biggest mindset mistakes you can make that wrecks your Content Marketing before you even get started? The mistakes, and more importantly, what to do instead are inside this article.

Observing the Foundations of Copywriting to Know How to Make Money Off a Blog

Copywriting, as a lot of people consider it, is an art. But in business, it is an art that can transform your efforts to actual sales. This is why learning the foundations of successful copywriting is just as essential as knowing how to make money off a blog. They are little aspects of the business that can greatly affect your sales potential especially if you know how to maximize them for your own goals.

How Blog Writing or Facebook Copywriting Can Improve Your SEO

You may have noticed the myriad of people out there writing a blog or creating a Facebook page for their business. While some people just love to share a bit of themselves with the world-wide-web, others are increasingly recognizing the relevancy of blogging and other social media for their ultimate business success.

Looking for More When It Comes to Your Content? Hire a Copywriting Agency!

With the internet becoming a bigger and bigger part of how today’s professional manages their business life, it’s no surprise that quality web content provision services are in such high demand. That’s right, the power of a team is in high demand.

7 Musings On Business Copywriting And Direct Marketing (To Make Your Tomorrows Better Faster)

After over a decade and a half developing marketing campaigns and writing copy for myself and then others businesses I can see there as some odd things going on. This article shares some interesting ideas that I picked up along the way.

Copywriting and Direct Marketing Mythbusters: The Myth of One Good Sales Letter (Do You Need One?)

“One good sales letter is all you need… ” is an old saying in the world of direct response. But these days as the market becomes more sophisticated, one has to question if this once accepted piece of wisdom has become a myth.

Copywriting Clangers: 5 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The art of copywriting has been with us for decades now. Even so, many companies still make the same mistakes over and over again in their marketing copy. This article outlines the five most common mistakes that companies make when communicating with their target market. It includes a discussion of why these errors have a negative impact on their marketing efforts, and what your business should be doing instead.

Copywriting And Direct Response Marketing For Beginners: Turn Features Into Benefits (That Sell!)

One of the most important tasks in copywriting and by extension sales, is the art of turning a feature into a benefit. This articles shows how simple it can be to do this for yourself.

Copywriting and Direct Marketing: Beating the ‘Better Copy Trap’ – (Get Out and Stay Out for Good)

A lot of people who write copy but aren’t necessarily professional copywriters can get themselves stuck in the better copy trap. They endlessly fiddle and polish their copy rather than actually get the piece finished. This article shows you how to get out and stay out.

The Many Benefits of Being a Freelance Copywriter

Ever wonder what it’s like to live on the other side of a paycheck? Wondering whether to take the plunge and begin working for yourself? Find out why you should!

How to Write Copy for Mobile

Nothing ever stays the same and that’s very true in the world of technology. Once upon a time copywriting was, well copywriting. You either wrote for the web or print, but now there’s a new kid on the block. This article looks at how you should tailor your copywriting for our increasingly mobile world.