How to use Surfer’s Grow Flow to Boost Organic Traffic

How To Identify A Good Content Writer?

Many people will be looking for jobs as article and content writers and it is obvious that many of them will be approached with jobs to write web content. This demand for such writers is increasing day by day. This is because article writing is a very effective marketing tool used by online marketers, so that they can attract an increasing amount of traffic to their websites.

Copywriting Master Class: Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine in 3 Steps (Yes! You!)

Most of us know that results matter – at least at some level. Turning your website from a glorified brochure into a lead generation machine is a very valuable transformation. This article shows you how in three simple steps.

5 Copywriting and Marketing Lessons From My First Business (All of Them Are Still Relevant Now)

In my experience copywriters are students of life. For many of us our formative experiences in copywriting have usually happened long before we ever put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper. This article explains a few of the gold nuggets I picked in my formative years before I ever wrote any copy.

Writing Tutorial – Internet Content Writing For SEO And For Your Potential Customers

It seems that nowadays, writing quality content is more important than ever. Especially when you publish content online. This is a great way to promote your company. In this article, we will discuss how to write good and effective content for the web and how it can bring you a variety of profitable benefits.

Copywriting Shortcut: 67 Minutes To Greater Sales Letter Success (Write Copy That Sells More)

Increasing the response rate of a sales letter by just 10% can swing huge doors in a business. This article reveals a simple trick you can use in order to give any sales letter (or ad or website) an instant boost.

Using a Plagiarism Detector

Whether you are an online publisher or a teacher grading research papers, the rising epidemic of plagiarism is probably of great concern to you. Luckily, there are many easy to use tools available to you which make catching plagiarism a much simpler matter than it used to be. There are a plethora of plagiarism detector programs on the market. You will need to consider many factors when deciding which plagiarism checker is best suited to your needs. Here are some tips to get you started.

How To Design Content That Captures Attention

Discover how to write content that captures your customer’s attention. Learn the key things that readers are looking for in great content. Learn the one element missing from 95% of marketing techniques out there, and how you can use this technique to stand out from all of your competition.

Choosing To Hire A Copywriter Or Not

Copywriters are not a dime a dozen and the choice to hire one may be something you’ve wrestled with in the past. To some the cost of hiring a professional copywriter is not warranted and in some cases this is true, but only when the person deciding is a competent copywriter themselves. Most people are not good copywriters. They have not studied how to be a good copywriter and therefor will not write effective sales copy. Sure they may get some sales, but they will leave a lot on the table. If you would like to see if you have what it takes to be a good copywriter I offer the following article.

Copywriting: Creative, Compelling, Contemporary

Copywriting is precisely choreographed writing that informs, inspires, entertains, excites, and/or educates your “target audience” about your idea, service, program, or product. Copywriting is a visceral enticement designed to reach out and snatch-and hold on to-the attention, and the interest, of consumers courted by your “click-away” competition.

Tips on Being a Successful Freelance Writer

Here are some top tips on successfully and efficiently writing from home. Being a freelance writer provides flexibility and creativity, but it’s also hard to stay motivated when you work alone. These tips can help you become self-motivated and improve productivity.

Copywriting and Direct Marketing Nuggets: Can You Fix My Ad Please? (Or Website? Or Sales Letter?)

Marketers often face a disaster when a long running promotion suddenly stops working. Usually it grinds their business to a halt. This article shows you how to deal with that situation when it happens to you.