How to Use Jasper Art

Things To Consider When Hiring a Content Writer

It can be really difficult in finding a suitable content writer for your Internet or print based business. These tips will help you make the right decision on who to select and who to avoid.

The 3 Most Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When Trying to Get Testimonials (Are You a Victim?)

Testimonials are the best type of social proof your business can have – it is somebody else selling you – much more important and believable in the eyes of your potential customers. This article shows the three most common mistakes business owners make with their testimonials.

Copywriting Master Class: How To Write A Great Headline For Your Next Sales Letter

One of hardest tasks in writing copy is to come up with a headline that will stop your reader dead in their tracks, get them to read your copy and buy from you. This article shows you how you can do exactly that far faster and with less headaches (and sleepless nights).

Understanding The Secret Weapon Of Successful Freelance Writers – Professional Stock Photos

Gone are the days when freelance writers could make a living on strong writing skills alone. Successful freelance writers need an arsenal of “secret weapons” to stand out from the gluttony of writers. This article uncovers how to use professional stock photographs to successfully pitch and sell more freelance writing projects.

Learn the Best Uses for Copywriting and Make More Money

Even the great copywriters can be intimidated from time to time. In order to get a sales page just right, one of the better copywriters in the US rewrote a sales page 20 times or more. His client just didn’t like it, so he was obliged to try again so many times. We are telling you this to motivate you, not to tell you copywriting is too difficult to try. You need to get better at writing, improving your knowledge every time you try.

How Writing Services Build Great Customer Relations

Using a writing service can help you engage with your customers more easily. Learn why this is important and how great articles can help.

Sales Letter Stuckness: How to Get Unstuck Fast (And Stay Unstuck)

We all have stared at the blank screen once in a while. It is not a nice feeling to be stuck. This article shows you how you can get unstuck when you have to write sales copy.

What I Learned About Copywriting, Direct Marketing and Life From Joe Karbo – The Original Lazy Man

Early in my times as a copywriter, Gary Halbert recommended that I read “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches.” This article shares my top lessons learned from that book. Thanks Joe

Direct Response Copywriting Success: Beginner’s Guide To Writing Copy That Sells Your Target Market!

Perhaps nothing in copywriting is as important as writing in a way that they respond to. Also commonly referred to as message to market match, this article shows you how you can quickly and easily write in a way that will engage your target market.}

Copywriting Secrets: 3 Rules For Selling More (Are You Using All Three?)

When you are writing copy or selling then it is better sell more, more often. This article reveals how you can increase response rates to your copy.}

Website Copywriting That Sells

The ultimate goal of every business website in today’s world is to generate revenue, or in more blunt terms, to make money. There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. The thing is, not all websites are created equal and not all websites make money for the businesses they represent. Why does this happen you ask? The answer is because the websites that don’t make money are filled with written copy that doesn’t sell, plain and simple. Now, if you want to produce website copywriting that sells, continue reading and utilize the recommendations in this article.