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A Secret Highly Effective Copywriting “Technique” That Is Seldom Ever Talked About

You practically never hear any of the self proclaimed copywriting experts talk about what I’m about to mention… But despite that, using this “technique” is a MUST if you want to write copy that sells. And I’m calling it a technique. However, it’s really more of a skill. And that skill is…

The Process Of Writing A Killer Sales Letter

I got a question from an aspiring copywriter the other day who was asking me what process I use to create a great sales letter. So I thought I’d share my answer here.

The Most Powerful Emotion In Your Copywriting Arsenal

Today I’m going to share with you the most powerful emotion you can inject into your copy that can cause your sales and conversions to blast off like a rocket. And it’s not greed or fear… Nor is it belief… Or appealing to your readers self interest… Although inciting those emotions can be very effective… however… there is one emotion that trumps all of them in its power to grab people’s attention (which is a rare commodity in the age of the smart phone and funny cat videos), and almost forces them to buy what you’re selling! In fact… you’re probably feeling this emotion right now! Can you guess what it is yet? Okay… I shan’t keep you in suspense any longer.

The Holy Grail Of Copywriting

Just the other day I was digging through some of my old writing files. You know the drill, mucking around in dusty old cabinets that you haven’t been in for years. And then out of the blue, it hits you like a bolt of lightning…

Technical Copywriter or Technical Writer: What’s the Difference?

What are the differences between a technical copywriter and a technical writer? Here are four answers out of many. What differences can you think of?

How to Avoid Rejections in Content Writing

How do you handle rejections in content writing? Article suggests best tips to develop content without errors and prevent rejections.

Does Your Voice Match Your Product?

The tone of voice you use in your marketing materials will have a direct effect on their ability to turn readers into customers. This article looks at how you can create the perfect match.

Why I Always Insist on a Client Questionnaire

The first thing I do when I am engaged on a new copy-writing project is to ask my client to fill out a detailed questionnaire. There are some very good reasons why I do this.

Top 3 Reasons Why Any Business Needs a Professional Copywriter

Learn the difference between a copyright and a copywriter. What does a copywriter do and why would a business need to hire a copywriter.

Your Words Are Alienating Your Customers

Despite your beautifully designed website, your visitors aren’t converting into customers. The problem is your content. The words you are using are frightening them off. This article looks at why that’s happening and what you can do about it.

5 Important Tasks of a Copywriter

Know what tasks become a part of the daily routine of a copywriter and why each of them is important for businesses. Here I have summarised the 5 tasks that are most important for creating successful articles.