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The Decline of Content Farms and the Effect on Copywriting

As an SEO technique, content farms (or writing sweatshops) have become obsolete in the past few years. Prior to Google’s algorithmic changes they were used by thousands of companies to help raise their search engine ranking.

Persuasive Copywriting Checklist

Use the power of persuasion in your copywriting. A checklist for ensuring that your copywriting is as persuasive as possible.

Six Simple Suggestions for Making Your Charity Appeal and Fundraising Letters More Reader-Friendly

Here are six proven pointers from one of Ireland’s leading charity appeal and fundraising copywriters, on how you can make your written charity appeals and fundraising letters far more appealing. These suggestions cover both paper-written fundraising appeals and digital online appeals.

Copywriting Catastrophe: What To Do When You Are Stuck And Need Fresh Eyes (Yes You)

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Tips For Creating Attractive Titles While Incorporating Key Phrases

Create attractive titles that push your reader’s hot buttons. So your readers will never glance you’re your titles, and you’ll get the click.

Five Top Tips on Generating Content Ideas for Blogs

With internet marketers expounding the virtue of fresh content, more and more companies are integrating a blog page on to their website. Blogging has become a core pillar of a successful SEO plan, and the positive results can become apparent within a matter of weeks.

5 Writing Tips to Keep Readers Interested in Your Website

Gain the power to let your readers settle down and warm up to you. Discover how to talk directly to your audience and bring them into the conversation.

The Beginners Guide to Copywriting

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A 5-Step Guide to Impeccable Web Content Allowing You to Build a Strong Online Business

While it might be easy to create and distribute various messages on flourishing digital markets, it is rather difficult to make your voice heard in any field of activity. It’s no secret that Internet users have become very selective and incredibly demanding when it comes to choosing their online sources of information.