How To Create Custom Jasper Recipes To Streamline Your Workflows With AI

Professional Copywriting Tips When Rebranding – Finding Your Voice

The decision to rebrand is a difficult one; you may have taken years establishing your brand identity, only to find out that your efforts are not making the right impact or are even outdated. Once the decision has been made, however, a feeling of freshness will replace what was probably an overwhelming sense of stagnation, and your business will be well on the way to being rejuvenated should the correct steps be taken.

Copywriting Tip – Getting Started

Writers often struggling with finding a place to start. This articles offers some tips and advice to copywriters having difficulty with the starting process.

6 Warnings That Differentiate A Bad Writer From A Good Writer

Compelling and error-free writing is an important aspect of any online business. For an effective writing, competent content writers plays important role. Today the world is flooded is “content writers”. Finding out a writer that can deliver the quality of content is a difficult task that any organization or business confronts.

Writing Through the Ages – From Quill to Keyboard

When you look back in history a distinguishing feature of the human race has been its ability to communicate through writing. Simplistic cave images drawn by our ancestors thousands of years ago still remain to this day. Yet despite out technological age, writing is still the way we communicate in whatever form we use to convey our message.

The Pitfalls A Web Content Writer Should Avoid

The ever-growing number of websites populating the internet has spawned a huge demand for web content writers. This has resulted in several online professional content writing firms setting up shop.

Understanding The Significance Of Keywords For Writing Web Content

The importance of writing high quality, informative and original content for engaging your website visitors is well-appreciated. Equally important is the role content writing plays in attracting the prospects and bringing them on to a site in the first place. One of the most important ways of this is by incorporating appropriate keywords in the web content.

8 Qualities Of A Good Content Writer

Like people with different personalities, a web content writer also has different ways of doing the job. Writing can be a hobby, art or technique. Writing articles is about expressing your viewpoints in a way that reader understands the message. Therefore writer must possess some extra ordinary qualities to stand out of others. Here are 8 qualities that a good content writer must possess.

Copywriting Tips – Writing For The Web

How to write copy specifically fr online readers. In this article I discuss the need to write to the online audience, how speed, clarity and content can be constructed to suit the needs of online readers.

Copywriting – Headlines That Motivate

What is the role of the headline in copywriting? Is it simply to just grab the attention of the reader or are their more powerful considerations to think about that can help propel your headlines to new level?

Direct Marketing And Copywriting Canon: 3 Things To Do and Three Things To Avoid

Marketing Success Is nothing More than avoiding all possible causes of failure. This article gives you three things to Avoid and Three things You should do in your marketing.

Copywriting Quiz: Why Does Follow Up Matter?

In hyper competitive niches, being able to afford to buy traffic can be a real problem. This articles shows you how you can afford to dominate over your competition by being able to afford to pay more for your traffic.