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Why Simple Language Sells

How many times have you been baffled by a piece of marketing because it wasn’t written in plain English? Big, complex words and marketing-speak will result in poor sales. This article looks at why that is and what you can do about it.

Copywriting: Get Started With Copywriting in LESS Time Than It Takes to Hand in Your Job Notice

Copywriting doesn’t need to take years to get good. The easy way to get started.. and Quickly.

Copywriting: Why A Hieneken Might Be the Most Important Part of A Copywriter’s Toolkit

Find out how drinking an alcoholic beverage could be the best thing you do when writing copy. Counter intuitive, but the fact is, this works.

Today It’s a Hot Date in Singapore – Tomorrow I May Go Camping!

So many different clients, so many topics, so many different tones of voice – sometimes you feel like an actor doing lightning changes between one character and another. It’s Monday morning and I’m working on a business proposal for one of my regular clients. The proposal is going out to a government department so I’m working with fairly dry content and formal language (although of course I’m trying to construct my sentences in a way that will prove utterly compelling to the ministry mandarins who will read them).

How To Choose The Best Copywriter

Hiring the most reliable copywriter for your business will certainly be very beneficial and worth it. Though you have to spend a couple of cash, great profits is guaranteed.

The Secrets Of Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines

Learn the secrets of creating eye-ball grabbing headlines. You know the kind that sucks in your reader to the page like a F5 tornado. It’s not really all that difficult. Read on to find out how.

Tautologies and Feedback

As a proofreader and editor I see a lot of words come past me and while I love my job I admit there are some funny and frustrating elements to it, yet I wouldn’t change a thing. I also feel honoured to be able to feedback to the people who trust me with their work and hope I inspire people to keep doing it.

Writing Effective Headline Copy

Writing a good headline should be the first thing you focus on to get people interested in your work. Learn what it takes to write a good headline.

Basics of Writing Good Ad Copy

Writing good ad copy will do wonders in making the sales you desire. Learn the basics of writing good ad copy to improve sales in your business.

Proof of the Tremendous Power of Words! Learn Exactly How Words Impact on Business!

Well-written content drives business up but it’s the intention and vibration behind the words that make the difference. Whether it’s copy on your website, copy for your direct mailings, an impressive article, a business plan or proposal, a press release or a dynamic resume and letter, well written content can be the difference between getting the results you’re after or not being noticed. Words can impact heavily on your results.

5 Effective Ways to Sell Nature

Although environmental organizations have a greater purpose, at their core, they have to raise money to enact the good deeds of their mission. But traditional copywriting methods that are meant for purchasing products may not always be the most effective when raising money for the environment. Environmental prospects are tuned to react to very specific calls to action.