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3 Ways To Get Prospect’s Noes Out Of Your Copy

Do you like being sold to? Chances are your answer is no. No one enjoys being “sold” to, but most of us enjoy buying. As a society, we love buying things. We buy things because they’re cool, they solve a problem we’re experiencing, they improve our quality of life, and the list goes on.

How To Beat Keyword Competition By Stealing From Them

I spent quite a bit of time researching for this one. There’s so much “junk” out on the internet on SEO, it’s hard to find anything good on keyword competition.

Find Writing Inspiration in the Oddest of Places

If you’re not already accumulating a swipe file, I suggest you start immediately. Anytime and anywhere you find good material, put it in your file to reference the next time you need to write some copy. And don’t look at just sales letters and blog posts; look at everything, including material outside of your niche. You may be pleasantly surprised to find writing inspiration in some of the most unexpected places.

Email List Building Technique That Brings You The Money

“The money is in the list.” This is as true today as it was yesterday. Building your email list is the best way to create your lead generation system. It is not easy, nor is it fast. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, then email list building is not for you. But if you want to build a business, email list is the way to go.

A Copywriter’s Rant: Get a Competitive Advantage With Higher Converting Copy (Yes, You!)

There are doubters out there about the value of more effective direct response copywriting. The question is almost how can different words on a page affect my response rate.

Copywriting Masterclass: Copywriting With Gary Halbert

Although I never met Gary Halbert, listening to Dan Kennedy stories of his times with The Prince Of Print, kind of makes me feel like I knew him. This article is kind of a Gary Halbert study guide.

Copywriting Cannon: A Non-Copy Sales Killer That Never Gets Discussed (It’s a Big One!)

Many gurus say there are certain things that don’t matter in selling. It’s partly true however there are certain things that many gurus overlook that actually can sabotage sales. This article is all about the elephant in the room.

Copywriting Masterclass: 2 More Rules For ‘Can’t Say No’ Offers (Rules to Live by)

A strong offer is life in direct marketing. Get a good offer to the right market with a good story (read copywriting that makes ’em buy) and you have everything you need to make a lot of sales. This article shows you my three rules for getting your offer so that it is too good to refuse.

Copywriting Mastery: Ho-Hum Response or Home Runs? (Which Do You Want?)

Copywriters who can increase your response rates or by just using higher converting copy than your competition can create a strategic advantage. How good is it when you can spend the same amount as your competition and get a bigger return? This article shows you three steps to boosting your response rates.

Copywriting Cannon: Scripting Teleseminars to Sell. (Yes They Still Work.)

Despite being perceived as old fashioned Teleseminars are still a successful media for delivering both content and selling. This article reveals 3 ways to make your teleseminars more effective at closing clients.

Copywriting Cannon: 3 Barriers To Becoming A Better Copywriter! (What’s Stopping You?)

While I find writing copy to be a straightforward task, many people don’t. Interestingly I believe it is a skill that every marketing (and sales) professional, business owner and entrepreneur should at least be proficient at. This article explores 3 of those barriers that stop people becoming copywriters.