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Want to Learn to Copywrite?

Basics of getting started with copywriting. Tips on how to copywrite.

The Effective Use Of The Bullet Point

This article will discuss the effective use of the bullet point and how this can help to improve website productivity. It will also suggest other changes to help improve website sales performance.

What Is Hypnotic Copywriting?

This article will explain how hypnotic copywriting works. It will show how copywriters use certain techniques to win new clients with powerful words.

5 Qualities to Look for In a Copywriter

The rise of e-commerce has had a profound impact on the demand for good copy writers. The copywriter’s job has become more technical with job description touching various aspects of marketing and sales.

How To Improve Your Copywriting Skills By Focusing On The Reader

Copywriting ranks very high on the list of the most profitable skills any individual in a freelance writing business on the web could learn. The reasons for this are numerous, and they just about all have an effect on conversions as well as sales. But it is beneficial to understand that we all needed to start off with no knowledge.

What Is This Thing You Call A Unique Selling Proposition? (I Mean Seriously, Do You Know?)

Rosser Reeves first coined the concept of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as a means of differentiating your products from the competition and launched it on the advertising world with his book Reality In Advertising. Half a century later it is now being used (well mostly misused) by gurus, copywriters and business owners alike.

A Copywriter’s Rant: “Just Leave the Ad Alone Would You” (Are You Sabotaging Your Results?)

Everyone is after results from their copy. That’s why copywriters are in such high demand. However, there is an overwhelming human urge to interfere, fiddle and meddle that sees copy sabotaged and not producing as well as it could.

How To Win Copywriting Clients!

This article will show you how to win your first copywriting clients. Follow these tips and you’ll soon find business.

Just What Is Copywriting?

When you see, read or hear anything aimed at advertising, marketing or making a product look good, you experience the output of copywriting. Compared to computer programming and website development, copywriting as a technical profession is pretty old, dating back as early as the 1800s when practitioners simply created ads. Copywriters wrote materials that were meant to be printed on paper, wooden boards or canvases to showcase the benefits of different products from cure-it-all medicines to musical concerts; There were no radio, television or Internet.

Effective Direct Mail Tips!

How to write effective direct mail that will convert prospects into clients! Tips on how to make prospects ACT!

Killer Press Release Writing!

This article will teach you how to write that killer press release! I’ll give you all the insider tips you need to write that press release yourself!