Copywriting Tactics For Crazy-High-Converting Ecommerce Pages

On Negotiating With Pandas and Penguins: Why a Professional Content Writer Is Essential

Hiring a professional copywriter can be critical with so many updates to search engine algorithms. Read on to learn how the right writer can really make a big difference.

Copywriting and Direct Marketing: What To Do When You Can’t Beat A Control?

I recently spoke to a potential client who had hit a brick wall. He had a long running control that had stopped working – in this case a landing page for his PPC ads. His business effectively ground to a halt. Here is what I would do to avoid getting stuck like this in the future.

Is Direct Response Copywriting the Ultimate Form Of Selling? (Well Is It?)

There are effectively 3 forms of selling one-on-one (face- to-face or via the telephone), selling to groups either virtual such as teleseminars or webinars and live in seminars – one to many and selling via the printed word – the original domain of the copywriter. This article shows you the pros and cons of each form of selling and why the copywriter is the ultimate salesperson.

How To Give Your Site The “Write” Stuff

The vast, expansive paragraphs in our college term papers that impressed our professors will not have the same effect on a website viewer. Website copywriting is its own game. It has goals that are different than those of other types of writing. It has its own guidelines which, when followed, may not win the Nobel Prize for literature, but can produce a website that delivers.

Copywriting Not Copy Writing

Copywriting, what is it and what does it take to be a copywriter? Copywriting, simply put, is any writing that offers a product or service for sale. No special skills or degrees are needed to be a copywriter, just the ability to convince others to buy your product or service.

Writing Attention Grabbing Headings – 10 Copywriting Techniques

An effective heading will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more. There are many techniques that copywriters use for headings. In this article we will describe a few of the techniques that you may find useful.

Important Points to Consider While Creating Website Content

In case you are reading this article to find the answer of the question “How do internet users read on the website?” then the easy but shocking answer is they do not read. Yes, it may be possible that a visitor is not interested in reading the content of your website but only scanning it. From studies and researches, it has been revealed that only 15% of the people care about reading the content of a website. It clearly shows that writing website content is not an easy task.

Great Tips for Creating Quality Content

Do you want to acquire good ranking by offering quality content? If yes then here are a few tips to help you create good content.

Characteristics of Great Web Copy Writers

Finding talented web copy writers can be a challenging task. Imagine if you will, sifting through a haystack for that illusive needle. OK, it’s not that bad. However it can be a challenge to find writers that are able to combine the creative aspects of writing with the understanding of proper SEO practices, research and social media marketing strategies.

Writing An Effective Job Description

Writing an effective job description can help you recruit the right people. Find out some of the common mistakes people make when writing job descriptions and how to avoid them.

How To Prepare for a Copywriter Call

With the Internet, social media, and other ways to communicate, more and more companies are bringing a copywriter in-house to handle their ongoing marketing communication needs. For those that prefer to work with an outsourced copywriter, here are some tips for making sure the project goes smoothly while achieving the desired outcome.