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The Various Types of Freelancing

Freelance writers are well paid, highly sophisticated individuals. They have the knowledge and the ability to produce quality content on a consistent basis. Anyone who seeks to start a career as a freelance copywriter will find that it is a vast field. You can explore various avenues from newspaper columnist to press release writing.

5 Traits of a Professional Copywriter

If you are thinking about working with a copywriter, you need to make sure that they possess each of these five traits. Without them, you risk losing face and losing money.

Sales Letter Writing Service

A sales letter writing service can carefully craft a letter that will draw people in, inform them and then persuade them that not only do they want to purchase your product, but they want to do it now. That is absolutely necessary because all too often you only have one chance to influence a potential customer’s decision towards your product. Once you have determined which product, service or even eBook to market on the internet, and have set up your website and order cart, you will need a letter to entice people to buy your product or…

What I Learned From David Ogilvy (Copywriting and Marketing Lessons From a Legend)

David Ogilvy stands as one of the most interesting figures in the world of advertising and marketing. Eccentric, Brilliant and fatally flawed all at the same time. This article reveals three valuable copywriting lessons from Ogilvy.}

What I Learned From John Caples and Tested Advertising Methods (Oft Missed Copywriting Gold)

John Caples and his masterpiece “Tested Advertising Methods” are a veritable master list of ways to strengthen the performance of your copywriting and marketing. This article reveals three ideas you should be using in your own marketing.

How to Become a Copywriter When Starting From Scratch

Being a copywriter is an attractive career when you have a penchant for writing: you get to be your own boss, you can choose to work when you’re most productive and you’re constantly learning about new topics. But it’s not without its challenges. For those wishing to become a copywriter, whether it’s due to a career change, to add a second income or just from an urge to write, these are the steps I recommend people take…

How to Become a First Class Copywriter

A copywriter is a person who writes advertisement for products and services in such a manner that customers get lured to buy those products. Due to good copywriter, a company’s sales can go very high; hence, they are well paid. Thus, if you are a copywriter and wish for getting well paid, you need to be a good copywriter. In order to know how to become a first class copywriter, you can follow some tips given below.

A Copywriter and Their Client: (Have You Hired the Right Copywriter for Your Buisness?)

You have any two of the following: Fast, Cheap or Good. Ever wondered what happens when you hire someone to do a website and they are offering copywiritng services at very cheap rates just so you buy their website. Forewarned is forearmed.

Copywriters on Copywriting: What I Learned From Gary Halbert

The late, great Gary Halbert was perhaps the greatest copywriter of his generation. Strike that, he was a great copywriter who was an even better marketer. He had through design or accident founded his own school of copywriting and will influence a generation more copywriters over the coming years.

Scary Outer Envelope Messages And Photographs

I remember once receiving an appeal in the mail from a large international charity organization. I took one look at the outside of the envelope and said to myself: ‘Who on earth would want to open this?’ You see, the picture on the front of the envelope was downright scary. And the promise in the tagline of the envelope was that there was a lot more scary stuff inside. I gently put it aside intending to come back and open it later. And do you know something? I never did! It was all too depressing and scary.

How To Choose A Copywriting Course

You might be considering going into copywriting and wondering how to choose the best course to get you there. Getting trained for this skilled career can be challenging. There are many who have not been properly trained and teach themselves as they go along. Most schools don’t provide a course that is specifically geared towards copywriting.