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Finding Your Perfect Copywriter

Copywriters come in all shapes and sizes with different expertise. Your business needs one if it’s to make an impact, the trick is finding the right one for you. This article looks the qualities you should be looking for in a potential copywriter.

How to Get Your Customers Engaged

Customer engagement is the key to successful marketing, but how do you get it? This article looks at how to write in an engaging way to get your readers interested in what you have to say.

Profitable Content Creation – 5 Simple Steps to Create Consistently Profitable Content (Start Now)

Do you know the 5 simple steps to creating consistently profitable content? These 5 steps, and much more, are inside this article.

What Do Ghostwriters Charge?

What do ghostwriters charge? Or, what do ghost writers charge? Well, a set amount of money, as signed to through contract, is the general method. Some ghost writers or ghostwriters work without a contract, but it’s not the best method. When you do things that way, the client forgets they have begun the project and starts waiting around for “free work” to be performed. Meanwhile, a boiler plate contract where only the ghost writer or ghostwriter benefits is not one of the best methods either. This is because the client may feel “gypped” and not like his or her ghost after that. A contract shouldn’t be slanted one way or the other; it should cover the rights and responsibilities of both the writer and his or her client. Their clients, in other words.

Freelance Copywriting – Is This a Viable Career Option?

This article will provide you with an overview of the job of a freelance copywriter. I have enumerated a few examples of the different forms of content that you might be interested in.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Copywriter

Not all companies have seasoned copywriters under their employ. As such, many turn to freelance copywriters for their content needs. But why hire a freelance copywriter?

5 Ways to Write Good Copy

Creating Good Copy – The best writers can elicit emotions through their sales copy and email campaigns. As you can intuit, emotions play a key role in piquing the readers’ interest. Copywriting experts explain that the key to writing fantastic copy is to use those emotions and to be yourself.

The Value of Great Copywriting

Writing is a part of your business whether you like it or not. It’s the basis of all your on and off line communications, which makes it even more important you work with a professional copywriter rather than a cheaper option.

How to Provide Urgency in Your Environmental Communications

Prospects today have a high level of resistance when it comes to urgency in your environmental communications. Asking them to “act now” isn’t enough.

What Is A Web Copywriter?

I decided to write about the topic of web copywriting because I’ve noticed some misconceptions that some in the marketing world seem to have about what a web copywriter is and actually does. I’d also like to address some of the key differences between web copywriting and writing copy for print advertising. A web copywriter is someone who uses words to communicate a sales message on the web, just as a traditional copywriter accomplishes the same goal, but for print, radio, or TV advertising.

Using Emotive Storytelling in Copywriting for Charities, And Why Guilt Can Be a Bad Idea

When writing direct response copy for charity and non-profit fundraising, emotive storytelling is often the most effective hook. Here’s how you can you can build your tales… but should you ever try to make people donate through encouraging guilt?