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Creating Trustworthy Content

One of the biggest problems facing online businesses is how to create content that will reassure potential customers they are genuine and not going to rip them off. This article explores how you can create trust through content.

Why Hiring a Freelance Copywriter Might Just Be the Best Thing You Ever Do

Want to help your business grow and to sell more stuff? Hiring a Freelance Copywriter is the way to go!

3 Effective Writing Rituals To Kick-Start Your Content

Writing rituals are incredibly effective. If you don’t have a ritual, try one of these or create one of your own. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Marketing Copywriting Skills

The ability to write good copy is an important skill which all internet marketers should work hard to master. The work can be outsourced but a serious marketer should learn how to do the work for themselves. The use of language must communicate easily with any readers raising interest initially and encouraging them to take the plunge and purchase your product or service. In this article I offer some tips on how best to go about winning over a potential customer.

Copywriting Conversion Killer: How To Not Sound Robotic

There’s a few copywriting “sins” you need to watch out for. For example… * Focusing on features instead of benefits…

Direct-Response Copywriters Do NOT Go To Hogwarts

However much I love Harry Potter, I have to tell you this: I did not go to Hogwarts. And, as far as I’m aware, neither has any other direct-response copywriter on the planet. (Although as a “muggle”, I guess I wouldn’t know, would I?

Are Your Sales Letter Testimonials HURTING Your Sales?

f you want to write amazing sales copy and be seen as a leader in your market, then you need people to believe your claims. If they don’t? They’re not gonna buy. Simple. Now, there’s a few ways you can put proof in your sales letter. For example, you can talk about an authority figure discovering something new, such as a doctor finding a herb to help stroke patients recover faster. Or you can talk about tests you’ve put your product through, that show off its quality. David Ogilvy’s “Rolls-Royce” ad did this perfectly. Anyway, there’s loads more ways of putting proof in your sales letter. But the one we’re gonna talk about here is the most common – testimonials. Now, listen up: Testimonials are more powerful than a Hulk Hogan punch when done right… But when done wrong? They stink worse than gone-off cheese.

A Sales Letter “Non-Debate”: Long-Form Copy Vs Short-Form

here’s a harmful myth circling around the copywriting industry that long form sales copy is dead because people have short attention spans these days. Whilst, yes, people do have short attention spans now, long-form sales copy is as alive as ever. Why? Because if someone is interested in a topic, they want to read as much as possible about it. So if they are interested in your sales letter (remember, you first need to grab their attention with your sales letter headline), then, as long as you don’t bore them, they will want to read as much as possible.

Writing That Sells: The Top 5 Ways To Become A Better Copywriter, Part 6 Of 10

Copywriting skills can seem elusive, but are the required disciplines easier than it seems? This article breaks down the top five timeless ways to become a better copywriter.

Repurposing Your Content to Get Extra Mileage

Are you letting great content go to waste? In the recycling age, it’s important to make sure you get every ounce of value from your content. This article looks at why content repurposing is so important.

Copywriting 101: Features Vs Benefits

What’s one of the biggest copywriting mistakes I see all the time? Copywriters focusing too much on the features of their product/service, as opposed to the benefits. Why’s it such a huge mistake? Because no one cares about your product. All your prospect cares about is the benefits they will get from it. Simple. Now, does that mean you should completely ignore your product’s features? No. But before you mention them, you need to focus on the benefits. Think of it like this: Successful copywriting and successful sales letters all have one thing in common… They “sell” to the prospects emotions BEFORE they sell to the logical side of their brain. And that’s exactly what you want to accomplish in your sales copy. And by focusing on the benefits first, you will definitely be appealing to your prospect’s emotions. Then explain the features to back-up and prove your claims.