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Freelance Writing on the Poverty Line

The struggle that newbie freelance writers face to make a living. The impact that Third World writers are having, and the influence of unscrupulous content mills and uncaring, profiteering content buyers are having.

The Power of Proofreading Your Work

The benefits of proofreading makes a big difference to the quality and reputation of your work. Don’t let time restraints impair excellence. A proofreader can examine your work quickly and at low price.

Direct Copywriting Tricks for Big Profits

Becoming a direct response copywriter is something everyone in the profession aims for. This is because direct response copywriters get the most rewarding projects, both in terms of pay and the sense of job satisfaction.

Editing and Proofreading

What is editing and proofreading? Is there a difference? Who uses an editor and proofreader and how can someone find one?

The Letter: The Most Powerful Form of Communication

Above and beyond being a dynamic method of communication, a letter has the power to touch the heart of a reader or leave them cold in their tracks. In fact, a well written letter can open doors, invite new business or communicate a heartfelt apology. In contrast, a poorly written letter can shut you out before the reader ever gets to the second sentence.

Are You Meant to Be a Writer?

Do you often doubt your ability to write articles? Are you wondering if you are really meant to be a writer? This article will tell you if you are meant to be a writer.

Seven Quick Tips for Web Copywriters

Don’t trip over yourself 1) Get into the zone. I had lots of trouble in college when it came to writing term papers.

Copywriting Cannon: 3 Roadblocks to Effective Offers (Are They Costing You Sales?)

In copywriting, offer presentation is a lot like closing in face to face selling. Get it right and you get the order. Get it wrong and all of your hard work amounts to zero sales. This articles explains what is preventing you from getting more sales.

Simple But Highly Effective Tips for Writing Awesome Sales Copy

A common misconception about copywriting is that in order to write anything, you either need to have been born with a ton of talent, or have honed this craft over years of hard work. While it is true that there is a lot of value in working with someone who does have that level of talent and skill, that doesn’t mean it needs to be impossible to create any work on your own.

How to Write Testimonials That Flat Out Work

According to Sean D’Souza, the vast majority of marketers have testimonials all wrong. Instead of writing a bunch of flowery speech about how wonderful the product or service is and how it’s perhaps the greatest invention since the whoopee cushion, he advocates leading a testimonial with something negative.

5 Persuasion Powerhouses That Can Supercharge Your Copy

There are five ingredients you can and should weave into all of your marketing — five things that will greatly increase the influence you have on your readers and viewers. No matter who you’re trying to persuade or in what context, be it in person, in a letter or in a video, these work.