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Sales Letter Success Part 4: Are You Hooking the Right Prospect’s in? (Really?)

In part 2 of this article series we discussed how you can get attention so that you readers start to read your promotion. Now you need to hook them in and get your whole sales letter read.

Freelancing Can Get You Full Time Income

This article dismisses the notion that with freelancing, one can only earn ancillary income. Rather, as has been my own personal experience, one can earn enough to forgo a full time job, whereby income earned is in fact MORE than what one could earn through a full time job.

How To Online Work From Home – Copywriting

Article writing has become one of the most popular ways of working from home today. However, writers often find it difficult to achieve optimal levels of traffic for their work. It has been found that articles with same subject receives different amount of success. Several reasons attribute to it, and the title of the article is one of the biggest ones. This is why writers need to understand the different writing styles that can help them to generate profitable results.

Simple And Powerful Ways To Break State And Command Attention With Your Content

Well it’s not so obvious to everybody that we all get marketed to multiple times a day all the time. We often just don’t realize this because we ignore most of it anyway. The same applies for marketers on the Internet too. With so many blog posts, articles, videos all over the joint, we tend to ignore perhaps 90% of them, maybe even more. Keeping this in mind, we also know our target audience is the same way. The will ignore 90% of the things that they feel are irrelevant to them and just continue on with their day. Obviously, if our content is treated the same, then we don’t get traffic and we don’t get leads and we don’t sell stuff or get paid. So now we’ve established that the very first priority for any marketer, online or offline, no matter what form, is to break state or grab attention.

Becoming a Freelance Copywriter

An article to get you on your way to becoming a copywriter. Tips on finding work and building your portfolio.

Copywriting for Businesses: Tips for Working With Clients

Copywriters need to follow excellent standard practices in working with clients. Here are a few tips to help copywriters find common ground with their business clients.

How Ghostwriting Can Help Businesses

A ghostwriter serves the business mainly by helping it build the brand and increase the visibility of a company and its products in the market. With the rapidly increasing trend of e-commerce, ghostwriters have become an important asset for business owners and marketers who strive to upload regularly updated content onto websites, blogs, newsletters or informational emails.

Copywriting Career: 5 Great Services You Can Offer

You’re either a new, or an established copywriter. How many services do you offer? Some copywriters offer a single service, such as writing Web sales pages. If you offer more services however, you will increase your income.

Secrets To Sales Letter Success Part 2: Make Them an Offer That They Can’t Refuse (Is Yours Ho Hum?)

Up to 40% of a sales letter’s success is determined by the quality of the offer. If you can strengthen the offer then your sales letter is going to produce a better response. This article shows you how.

Sales Letter Success Part 3: Craft a Headline That Creates Readership (In Just 17 Minutes)

Headlines create success is just a simple matter of stopping the average person long enough for them to start to read your copy. It’s easy get them to ignore the TV, anything else on the internet, the kids screaming, partner nagging, the door to door salesman who has just knocked, and read your sales letter. Right? This article explains how you can.

Copywriting Jobs: 3 Secret Tips to Getting Hired

Want to get hired as a copywriter? Many copywriters are freelancers, however, you can certainly opt to get hired full-time either by an agency, or by a large company.